DATA.exe 169.842
EULA.pdf 0.092
Getting Started.pdf 0.167
HELP.exe 254.249
Setup_FFT550a.msi 17.368
ThisVersion.txt 0.001

To download files to your computer...

  1. Click on a file name in the table
  2. Select Save As from the dialog box
  3. Save the file to an easy-to-find folder on your computer such as C:\FFT5

Files can only be downloaded one at a time.


System Requirements

Toolbox installation requires a Microsoft operating system of Windows 7 SP1 or later, or a Macintosh OS with a Windows emulator, and at least 100MB of hard disk space and 512MB of RAM. Toolbox uses .NET Framework 4.8 which may need to be installed on non Windows 10 machines; it requires 4.5G of hard disk space to install.

Which files to download

The above table contains the Toolbox installation file Setup_FFT5xxx.msi, self-extracting support archives INSTALL_EXTRAS, HELP and DATA , and two information files Getting_Started.pdf & ThisVersion.txt.

If an old version of Toolbox 5 is installed on your computer, then you may only need to download Setup_FFT5xxx.msi - you may already have the help and data files.

If Toolbox 5 has not previously been installed on your computer, then download all the items.

It is recommended that all Toolbox packages be downloaded into an easy-to-find folder on your computer such as C:\FFT5. The contents of the INSTALL_EXTRAS, HELP and DATA archive packages should be extracted to the same download folder using double-click.

Before installing...

  1. If you have an old working version of Toolbox, backup valuable data to a non-program folder using Toolbox menus File|Backup or File|Save As...
  2. If you are upgrading HELP and have old help files on your hard drive, then delete them – search for the file “1 Introduction to Toolbox video.exe” and delete the parent Help\... folder.
  3. Uninstall the old version of Toolbox using Control Panel|Programs|Uninstall_a_program.


Toolbox requires two support systems called .NET Framework 4.8 and the Access Database Engine (in INSTALL_EXTRAS). You may already have these, so a good installation strategy is to install Setup_FFT5xxx.msi and then run Toolbox to see if it works. If it doesn't run properly, then see Possible Running Problems below. To install Setup_FFT5xxx.msi:

  1. Double-click Setup_FFT5xxx.msi.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen

Possible running problems

  1. If .NET Framework 4.8 cannot be found, then install the file in INSTALL_EXTRAS\DotNetFX48
  2. If a database error or the following arises...

    Install INSTALL_EXTRAS\AccessDatabaseEngine\AccessDatabaseEngine.exe.

Connecting to help and data files

Selecting any Help menu in Toolbox may initally prompt you to locate the Help or Help\Video folder. If you downloaded HELP and extracted its contents, then these folders will be where you downloaded them. You only have to locate help and data folders once - Toolbox will remember where they are.

For further problems...

Contact Adrian